About the Candidate


Kevin has resided in the Montrose District in Houston for the past 25 years with his wife Catherine.

Kevin served his county with the United States Marines and remains active in several veterans’ groups.

Upon arriving in Houston, he spent several years working for Charles Armstrong Investments.

Kevin then served our local Montrose community by working as chief fundraiser for the Houston HIV Hospice.

Kevin has a business degree from Ohio State University and a Master of Business Administration from the University of California, Berkeley.

He has opened several successful businesses- from being a partner in an engineering firm to being a restaurant owner. He is also a certified gemologist and an award winning jewelry maker.

Prior to the accident Kevin was a well known performance artist specializing in fire-breathing, fire dance and fire juggling.

He performed at the Texas Renaissance Fair, at Anne Rice’s Halloween Vampire Ball in New Orleans and at the Burning Man festival.

He helped plan the opening ceremony for the Sydney Olympics, performed on stage with “Guns N Roses” and was repeatedly shown breathing fire in various bazaars and marketplaces in the series “Xena: Warrior Princess”.

Professionally, Kevin spent the majority of his time prior to the accident as a forensic structural surveyor- using CAD, lasers, ultrasound scanners and ground-penetrating radar, he would go into existing structures and recreate a set of blueprints from the ground up.

He has worked on projects ranging from ancient cliff dwellings to modern skyscrapers including 250 year old churches in New England, hundreds of banks, offices, warehouses and several large hospitals.

 His current ongoing projects include several ventures into online education, continuing development of 3DVR technologies, and (more recently) computerized mobile assist technologies for the handicapped.

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