Statement of Kevin Walker Regarding Prop B

My fellow Houstonians, I find myself appalled and sickened by the actions of Mayor Turner and the currently seated city council. Their decision to blatantly defy the expressed will of the people by resorting to political and legal chicanery and tricks to achieve their own agendas and spite the clear and present mandate of the people in no way reflects government by of and for the people. 
I find the mayor’s sheer hubris in overturning the will of the people to be simply beyond the pale and pledge that if I am elected to a position on the city council to do everything within the power my position affords me to prevent such abuses.
The citizens of Houston made their will abundantly clear when they took to the ballot box and with overwhelming numbers approved Proposition B. As a public servant, the mayor’s job is to seek ways and means to implement the will of the people, not to circumvent it.
My hopes and prayers go out to the brave men and women of the Houston Fire Department and join them in eagerly awaiting the appeals process to declare the rightness of our cause. Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. God bless Texas.